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Brittany recently played Moaning Myrtle

(and a host of other characters) in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway.

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Brittany has been with Harry Potter since 2019. She played Myrtle and Delphi in San Francisco, and understudied Delphi on Broadway.

Fun Fact: there are 19 different GIF stickers of her Harry Potter characters on instagram.

(Search Polly Chapman or Moaning Myrtle)

See if you can catch her!

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Brittany Zeinstra | Moaning Myrtle

"Isn't everyone 
so naughty?"

"Brittany Zeinstra is hilarious as

Moaning Myrtle!"

- Culture Vulture

"The campy moments are also a delight, particularly a sparkling comic interlude with a ghost named Moaning Myrtle."

- The Murcury News

"Brittany Zeinstra is hilariously loopy as

Moaning Myrtle."

- Theater Mania

"And it won't give anything away to add that Brittany Zeinstra was fantastic."

- Broadway World

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