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"Brittany Zeinstra displays a strong singing voice that sounds better than any of the actresses who’ve visited the Fox Theatre in touring productions."

     - Mark Bretz, Ladue News

"Brittany Zeinstra makes a lovely and appealing Sophie. She has a clear and beautiful voice that fits the material like a glove." 

     - Chris Gibson, Broadway World

"In her Muny debut, Brittany Zeinstra is incredible to watch as she imbues her role of bride-to-be with zealous charm.

Her acting is spot-on, and she manages to have genuine chemistry with every one of her on-stage counterparts—from her fiancé, to her mother, to the members of her bachelorette party.

Her voice is equally as dynamic: she gets the upbeat rhythms of “Honey, Honey” just right, and delivers a gorgeous rendition of the ballad “Thank You For the Music.” We hope to see this young star in other Muny productions soon."

     - Katy Przybylski, St. Louis Magazine

Mamma, Mia! 

Brittany Zeinstra Mamma Mia review
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